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good evening. thanks for joining us. we know this, it's is going to cause some controversy but moving forward nonetheless. oakland plans to double the number of medical marijuana disp dispensaries. some people don't think it's a good idea. there's a question of legality. there's a new reality show that comes with it. >> reporter: highlighting a new pot club the city of oakland is at the center of the push to legalize marijuana on the federal level. >> we serve 600 to 800 patients per day in our 700,000-foot facility. >> reporter: crowded with hundreds of medical marijuana patients who comes to the legal retailer but crowded with cameras, rolling on the owner.
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>> it's going to be ground breaking. >> reporter: a cable reality show called weed warriors is set to air this fall. the city of oakland is getting real about the demand for pot. >> think that the city council's decision last night is a testament to the depth of support for medical cannibas. >> reporter: they voted to double the number of medical dispensaries from four to six and ply occasions are flooding in. >> they have to identify a site that's appropriate and sites will only be allowed in commercial or industrialized areas. >> reporter: cannibas card holders say more pot clubs that's the last thing the city
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needs. >> they have several pot clubs now where people like myself go to buy marijuana. people are standing around. >> reporter: but clubs like his with guards at the end. door and clients quietly wait in the line is the future. he's even thinking about applying for one of the new permits. >> last year our annual sales was just over $22 million. we paid $3 million in taxes in total to state, federal and local authorities. >> reporter: in total the city of oakland brought in $320,000 in sales taxes from just those four dispensaries. with the additional of four more that number could double in the future. city officials say you could to see them here on the streets by the fall. thank you. clearing out the weed literally. santa clara county has fewer pot plants to teal with. the sheriff's pot eradication
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teams were lowered. plants some of them as tall as five feet are worth 10 to 15 million on the treats. the marijuana farms haven't reduced the number of pot farms discovered by cops. >> these that we're eradiccating are not the legal ones under the california law. these are illegal marijuana grow sites. that's our made focus. >> this growing season, that team has seized who 26,000 plants worth some $60 million. it happened in an instant. a stranger barged through the front door, trying to steal her daughter. that's a situation that a san jose mother found herself in when she was forced to take on a would be kidnapper in her own home. it unfolded on monday night.
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here's how mom and her older daughter managed to save the little one. >> reporter: the 3-year-old and her big sister were playing in front of the apartment complex you to see behind me when a come came up to them and offered to buy the little girl some candy. big sister saw that as a red flag and went in to tell mom. denise and her 3-year-old sister were playing outside of their san jose apartment complex monday night when a stranger started talking to jasmine. >> she started complimenting my sister saying you're so cute. she told her let's go the store and i'll buy you some chocolate. and she thought it was her daughter. >> reporter: concerned the 14-year-old denise grabbed her little sister and headed back to her second story apartment. minutes later this 26-year-old woman barged into the apartment and grabbed jasmine who she
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insisted was her daughter. >> she said that's my baby and tried to grab her. my mom tried to stop her. lady was pushing her. then after that, i called the police. >> reporter: when denise held her sister and called 911 her mom stood in front of the girls blocking for resfrom getting to her. her mom said she was also concerned flores might make knit to the bedroom and grab her 1-month-old baby girl. when a neighbor showed up flores ran off. police arrested her about a half a block away. >> we're meticulous searching for this individual. >> reporter: after the frightening ordeal this dance with jasmine means more than ever to her mother. sandra says she still doesn't feel safe. she worries flores will return to try to kidnap jasmine again. somehow convinced sandra's daughter is her own. police are not commenting on the suspect's mental state.
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i talked to both the family and neighbors and they say they had never seen the woman before. reporting live in san jose, bay area news. newing tonight at 6:00 the fbi needs your help. a federal manhunt is under way for a suspect charged with kidnapping his own elderly mother and there's a bay area connection. the fbi is working a case that spans from ashland, oregon to daily city and los angeles. authorities say 85-year-old doris goldberg was taken from her home in oregon on may 24th. she suffers from alzheimer's disease and dementia. we're told the woman was living with another son at the time of her abduction. the federal fugitive warrant names 55-year-old mash algoldberg. he has ties in daily city and used to work in los angeles. he may be driving a 1996 gold oldsmobile. if you have any information contact the fbi. another emotionally charged in the bay view.
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san francisco's police chief is holding a community meeting on a deadly police shooting that sparked a lot of angry protest. the town hall meeting just started. they are talking about the killing of 19-year-old kenneth harding in bayview on saturday. the 19-year-old parolee from seattle ran away from a routine muni fare inspection. witnesses say officer shot. harding was involved in a shooting that killed a 19-year-old woman last week. we'll have more at 11:00. >> what will the videotape show. san francisco police are looking at surveillance video which captured the collision between a cyclist and a food truck at the height of the morning rush hour. the young woman on the bike is in critical condition after she suffered a head injury. police said surveillance video from a near bay business showed she made an illegal left turn and wasn't wearing a helmet. signs say only buses and taxis
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can only make the left turn even with a green light. >> when you ride a bike you have to share the roadway. follow the rules of the road. again, if you're a motorist and someone is making an illegal turn, heed to them. you don't want an accident. >> police have not yet released the name of that hospitalized bike rider describing her only as being an asian woman in her 20s. in santa clara a hit-and-run driver remains on the street after a deadly accident on 101 the officer working the case say green dodge caravan hit a cyclist that merged on to the freeway just before 6:00 a.m. killing that cyclist. >> we're asking the public if they witnessed anything or have any kind of details that they can contact the san jose chp office, there's one suspect we're looking for, the driver of the van. >> now there was a third vehicle involved in all of this as well. it too was hit by that minivan
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before the driver of the minivan took off. if you saw anything, you heard what the chp officer had to say, spotted anything or heard anything call the chp. not underpaid but some state workers overpaid? california's department of corrections is defending allegations of sloppy bookkeeping tonight. an audit by the state controllers office found some employees were overpaid. one former worker received a check for nearly $a,000 even though he quit his job with the department. another employee was overpaid by more than 8,000 bucks. the audit found when mistakes were discovered administrators were slow controversy misspent cash. officials are implementing better controls in terms much auditing. >> still ahead at 6:00 more witnesses talking about the moment three people plunged over a water fall in yosemite. what we're learning about the accident and the victim.
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a dot come ipo makes big money for investors and we take you inside an east bay company using robotic technology to clean things up. a fire damages trucks at a bay area u-haul center. why investigators say it's revealing a larger problem involving thieves. some dry northwest wind today. uibiwarm temperatures up bit. san jose was 91. mid-to-upper 70s along parts of the coastline and still warm for the east bay. we'll talk more about the heat and how long it coming right up. a real gas guzzler, a
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massive early morning fire at a u-haul center has investigators looking at the latest crime spree, siphoning as the potential culprit. that very same u-haul center has been hit several times over the
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last few months. this morning it really turned ugly. tracey, with the gas averaging some 3.85 a gallon it's not surprising this is becoming such a big crime. >> reporter: no, it's not. that's what a lot of the workers here at this u-haul location has said. they say that they've been noticing gas theft here for many months now. maybe even for the last year. they say that's why they started lining trucks up along here to block access to the rest of the fleet. it actually turned into a challenge for firefighters this morning because they couldn't really reach the flames. >> our fire department responded and we determined they were fully engulfed u hauls on fire. >> reporter: eight trucks were damaged when a blaze erupted at this u-haul facility. not only is each vehicle in the fleet filled with gas and oil
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but a 500 gallon propane tank is just a few feet away. fire department spokesperson said this could have been a lot worse. >> we're definitely investigating all aspects of how could it have started. >> reporter: high on the list is the prospect that gas theft might have been involved. when gas prices started to go up so do gas say fonding incidents. u-haul admits it's been a recurring problem. gas has been disappearing for months. mountain view police said a month and a half ago officer noticed how frequently it was happening and started network with u-haul how to address it. >> all of them have been -- clearly not somebody syphoning.
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u-haul monday tars the gas in each vehicle daily. the average driver wouldn't notice it was had been syphoned unless the gas gauge has changed dramatically. some companies don't report it to us until it becomes a huge issue for them. >> reporter: now, mountain view fire and police departments both say that it's still too early to determine what cause this fire. we spoke to a u-haul spokesperson earlier today that said gas theft is something they've seen around locations in the country. not as frequently as here. they plan to put a lot more surveillance cameras up in this parking lot to catch whoever is responsible. very interesting story. thank you tracey. a huge day for bay area business. earnings big deals and a dot come ipo. we bring in our business and tech reporter to track it all.
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let me re-read that. earnings, big deal and a dot come ipo. like 1990 all over again. >> as we call it, wednesday here in silicon valley. earnings season, absolutely. tech companies have been taking a starring role in moving the stock market. we'll start with e-bay. good numbers over the last three months. pay pal division especially strong. e-bay stock is on a hot streak. tonight some post-earning sellers sending shares lower. we also heard from intel. revenue and profit jumped over the last three months as consumers bought more fwad ggad. shares of this electric carmaker jumped. they signed a deal with toyota. toyota already is a tesla investor. from cars we go to house. the latest dot come ipo took off, zillow a company that gives
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and sells housing information online had a strong open house today watching it's stock price jump 79%. chlorox remains on-the-spot light. shares higher today ever icahn increased his offer. chlorox rejected the previous offer of $76 a share. which brings us to tonight's installment of our week long series of reports on how business is growing in the east bay. chlorox may get your clothes clean but this being next company is helping to make our planet cleaner. using technology to ease our dependence on fossil fuels. we go an east bay city with a variety of skills. >> reporter: emoryville is making a name. it's home to electronic arts. it's where pixar dreams up its
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big screen ideas. and in this robotics lab it's where they are working to convert plant sugars in to cleaner renewable fuel lessening our dependence on petroleum. >> many technologies that came here wanted to have a big impact on the world. renewables and clean tech is the one. ways you can do it. >> reporter: this is how his company is using technology to make the world a cleaner place. >> you need a great fuel that's competitive or better than petroleum for people to switch you also have to have it at a cost that's competitive or lower than petroleum. >> reporter: they are adding jobs while attracting investor funding. started by a professor at uc berkeley this company says it's in the east bay to stay. >> it's a great place to be. very close to silicon valley, and venture investment. it's also very close to berkeley, stanford, all the
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great universities here at ucsf. if you go into the labs you'll find people from all those universities here. >> reporter: a short hop from the big screen to the test tube, but nor emoriville, business is booming but getting cleaner by the day. they recently went public and with clean tech showing promise they have watched their stock price rise steadily. we'll go to an east bay coffee company with a cult following. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. the fan is on here in the studio. that means it's hot outside. >> it feels good. close to me too. i'm surprised it's not right next to you guys. here's where some of the hottest temperatures. 96 in you livermore. surging up to 95 in almaden valley.
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cupertino 94. hot for the bay area. san francisco we're still finding temperatures in the 80s. of course it's nowhere near as hot as you heard about the heat wave there on nbc news with brian williams earlier where it feels like 108 still at this hour in minneapolis and during these heat waves you hear about frying an egg on the sidewalk. this is a new one. baking cookies in a car. this has been done many times. a tv producer in minneapolis put a cookie tray on the inside. they were done on the outside but gooey on the inside. raw cookie dough is a favorite for everyone. i can to see my producers getting all kind of ideas. what can jeff do the next time i want gets hot. let's look at some of the other warm numbers down here in the south bay. santa cruz 78. 75 in san francisco. santa rosa did pop up to 90 degrees. san francisco looking very hot. no fog at all out here with
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temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. look at this northwest wind at 0 miles per hour. that northwesterly component of the wind is what helped jump these temperatures up today. that northwesterly wind is a fire wind across the bay area. didn't get high enough or long enough duration in order to get to us red flag warning status. we're in fire season at this point. for tonight we'll look at clear and cool conditions from the north down south bay. high pressure will stay here helping us to bring us warm to hot weather for tomorrow. take a look that. yes a cooler weekend flow is coming our way. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow not so bad. nice start with upper 50s to low 60s. another quick heat up by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. 79 in livermore, 80 in san jose. coming up we'll talk about how long this heat lasts and about some weekend change. there's a little hint right there. >> hints. >> yes.
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okay. you want some cookie? >> no thank you. to see you in a few minutes. getting ahold of disabled parking placards even when you're not disabled. drinking water just got a little bit cleaner. details on the hi-tech treatment coming your way. life in the fast lane is getting safer here in california. the promising new report on our roadways. we're back in two minutes. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday and saturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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a big thank you this friday and saturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. this is not a gloom and doom story. it's quite the opposite. . number of traffic rep lated deaths in california has dropped, decreased for the fifth straight year. according to the government, total vehicle deaths dropped nearly 1% in the last two years. this drop could be contributed to safer cars and roads. sobriety checkpoints as well as enforcement and education programs. in the end it's the drivers that have made the biggest impact. >> it really goes out to the people of california. doing it right. they are buckling up.
6:25 pm
they are driving safer. they are the one whose are really getting the kudos out of these numbers. >> the 2010 figures are the lowest for california since 1944. pretty remarkable. a hi-tech water treatment system is making some of the bay area's cleanest water even cleaner. the san francisco puc unveiled its water treatment facility. the largest of its kind in california and third largest in north america. it's located in tracey uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water. d.c. is looking at california's agriculture as the next big thing. founders and chief executives of small and large agricultural companies, growers and ag tech businesses showcased their ideas
6:26 pm
today at the grow california event in sacramento. organizers say grow california is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for some capital. >> the mission of grow california is to connect great companies, the game changers with investment, academia, media and other strategic partners. >> the hope of the conference is to spur agriculture in the state the same way it happened a few years ago for silicon valley. still ahead at 6:00 walk this way. the new report on the most walkable cities in the country and two places in the bay area are in the top ten. also ahead as the space shuttle "atlantis" prepares to touch down for its final time, we log some flight training with the commander of that shuttle first flight. what he's saying about the end of a very important era. a setback on the road to recovery for giants fan brian
6:27 pm
snow. details avenue emergency surgery. and three people sadly presumed dead after going over a water fall in yosemite. an update on the investigation as we learn more about th it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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the power of nature on display tonight at yosemite but with deadly consequences. after three hikers got a little too close to the beautiful rushing water all three swept away and now presumed dead. we go yosemite tonight with new details on the grief and what's happening there. she joins us with that story. it's such a beautiful picture there. some people forget how trodanges it can be. >> reporter: there really is a sense of sadness tonight at yosemite national park as news
6:30 pm
spread of the deadly tragedy that happened here yesterday afternoon. now today park officials released the names of the three young people who plunged over the falls yesterday afternoon. they are 12-year-old david. 27-year-old jakub and midal all of central valley and all members of the same church. witnesses say the group cross ad metal guardrail to keep people away from the dangerous fast-moving water. several people reportedly urged the group to step back from the river but apparently they did not take that advice and ended up slipping into the water. park officials say the water is especially dangerous this year because of the huge winter snow pack. water levels are high and the current is swift and very dangerous. visitors we talked to this afternoon say the tragedy has them thinking about the need to always be cautious. >> it is unfortunate, and i
6:31 pm
think sometimes people think that they are infallible and they can go over there but the water is really high. the currents are strong. it can take you away like that. >> reporter: we are back here live and you're actually looking at yosemite falls. you can get a sense of the power of the water. now i'm told this is an unusual sight for this time of year. you to see this type of water pouring out in the ving not summer because of the runoff from the record snow pack. park officials say they got 199% of normal snow pack this year here at the park. now, again, people are being reminded of how dangerous and how important it is to be careful. i talked to one gentleman who passed by here a few minutes ago who said he saw the day before saw another person climb over that very guardrail to take a picture. so elm are obviously taking some very unnecessary and dangerous risks. reporting live in yosemite, i'm
6:32 pm
jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you. from complete up-to-the minute coverage on the story go to our website at there's been another setback stow.iants fan brian massive amounts of fluid built up around his brain causing a 30 second seizure. when they drained it they discovered a growth. he has been in the hospital since the march 31st beating at dodger stadium. lapd has increased the reward money to $225,000 for information leading to an arrest. bmv oversight or are people aabusing the system. one out of three disabled parking placards are being used illegally in california and tonight we're learning why it's happening.
6:33 pm
dmv send out 60,000 placards to dead people. there's a growing temptation for relatives to use dead relatives placards. the "l.a. times" reports in march the agency mailed out more than 2 million placards. of those 100,000 returned those parking passes because of death or change of address. in may the dmv then conduct ad one day sting operation in about 25 cities and cited more than 200 people for illegal use of the handicap passes. it costs the dmv $12 million to process and mail renewals. san francisco research group is counting undocumented workers. the public policy institute of california use ad combination of tax returns, national estimates and some other models. this is what they came up with. the group estimates more than half a million undocumented
6:34 pm
immigrants are currently living in the bay area. santa clara has the highest number with 180,000. fold by alameda with 124,000. one in ten residents, counties with more agriculture like napa have a higher proportion of undocumented workers. imperial county has the highest rate in the state at nearly 13%. a proposed medical marijuana dispensary has people buzzing. the city council voted in opposition facility. it would serve 400 meddle marijuana patients in that area. people fwu the proposed site is too close to homes and create serious traffic problems. a notable day in washington, d.c. the fight to get rights for same sex couples.
6:35 pm
diane feinstein challenged the defense of marriage act. we have more. you know how this works. so far along party lines about this issue, isn't it? >> reporter: exactly. no republicans are on board. senator feinstein knows it's a tough fight. they stated her case in front of the senate judiciary committee today to try to repeal the defense of marriage act known as doma. the committee heard from supporters of the act that repealing it would undermine marriage. same sex couples can't get certain federal benefits like filing joint income taxes, receiving spousal benefits, and taking time off under the family and medical leave act. and that feinstein says is unfair. >> same sex couples live their lives like all married couples. they share financial expenses, they raise children together, they care for each other in good
6:36 pm
times and in bad. but doma denies these couples the rights and benefits. >> reporter: senator feinstein doesn't believe congress will act on her proposal this year but says it's an important first step. so far no republicans have signed on to the legislation. today's hearing comes on the heels of new york legalizie iniy marriage. five other states as well as the district of columbia hall legalized same sex marriage and here in california the prop 8 fight continues to wine its way through the court system. in the newsroom, bay area news. thank you. attorney general eric holder says he's willing to meet with the families of 9/11 victims to talk about potential reports of possible phone hacking by a british tabloid. the fbi has been looking into the story by the daily mirror that says reporters from the "news of the world" offered to pay a new york police officers for private phone records belonging to some of those 9/11 victims. police in the uk say the tabloid
6:37 pm
hacked into the phone of nearly 4,000 people in england. "news of the world" owned by rupert murdoch folded. no date has been set for that meeting with holder. going to an airport soon? listen up to this. new software aimed to give passengers more privacy is expected to be installed in many airports around the country by the end of this year. this upgrade is in response to so many passengers objecting to having their naked images viewed by tsa agents. the new security system being tried out will make your body look more like a stick figure. the unveiling of this new scanning system comes less than a week after the tsa won an appeals court ruling that the need to detect hidden explosives outweighs the privacy rights of travellers. still ahead at 6:00 the first pitch and a second chance of life. emotional giants game for one bay area team and his family. the top cities in the
6:38 pm
country for walking. here's a clue. you won have to walk very far to find two of these cities on the list. good evening. not the hottest day the year but still plenty much heat. jo san jose with 91. mid-90s in the east bay across livermore. holding on to the warmth inland. 89 in livermore right now. we'll talk about this hot weather and if we'll set any records tomorrup
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
that was 42 years ago today when neil are armstrong first walked on the moon and tonight nasa is hours away from another historic event. >> when the space shuttle "atlantis" touches down early tomorrow morning it will close the final chapter in the 30 year
6:41 pm
space shuttle era. through decades of service the space shuttles made more than 100 missions and conducted hundreds of experiments. we paid a visit to nasa to talk with the very first commander of the space shuttle "atlantis". >> when the space shuttle "atlantis" does land the astronauts will be using skills they accarried while training in one of these simulators. bob knows what it's like to land one of the shuttles. he's done it before. former astronaut. good morning to you. how are you? >> good morning. >> when you are larnding the space shuttle there isn't much room for error. this is one shot you're gliding, under no power whatsoever. >> that's right. you have to do it right the first time. that means that's the only time. >> fortunately you've been trained a lot. what are your thoughts on the space shuttle program coming to an end. 135 missions, 30 years. >> well, it was quite an accomplishment. the shuttle was really quite a
6:42 pm
machine. it's done things like repair the hubble telescope or building the space station that i don't think we could have done any other way. the shuttle will leave quite a legacy over the years. >> your personal feelings on it? i imagine you got a sense of nostalgia? >> absolutely. >> sad? >> absolutely. this was the last flight of atlanta. i commanded the first flight of "atlantis". so it's something you really take to heart when you to see the last flight of a vehicle as you put it, sir. >> nice touchdown. not your first rodeo? >> no. >> the "atlantis'" mission is finished in outer space but has another one here back on terrifia fiterrify terrifia -- terra firma. >> the "atlantis" shuttle is
6:43 pm
scheduled to land just before 3:00 a.m. pacific time tomorrow or late tonight depending on your perspective at kennedy space center in florida. that will be very, very cool. all right, jeff joins us with what could be a cool change? >> coming this weekend. welcome back from vacation too. >> thank you. >> did she get a sun tan? >> you told me it's going to be warm in santa cruz. it was. that meteorologist knows what he's talking about. >> thank you so much. after two years. wow. let's take a look outside right now. the fog is well well pushed out into the pacific. we'll tell you about some hot weather tomorrow and how long this will last coming up in my full forecast. coming up in sports you couldn't get a better pitching match-up. find out who won that duel and you don't want to miss the inspirational story of a giants fan living out his dream on the mo details are next.
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up to 2 times stronger. kes teeth act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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new yorkers are gloating tonight having taken away san francisco's title as the nation's most walkable city. now new york didn't win by much. just .4 of a point. boston came in third. oakland ranked number ten and
6:46 pm
only other california city to and make the top of the list. the group rated cities by convenience and transit access. jeff a big walker around the streets of san francisco. >> i still think san francisco should be on the top because you can walk a lot in new york you know what's coming up. it's so flat. san francisco you walk a little bit and there's a surprise right beyond the hill. >> you should run for office. >> very well done. >> got to be loyal to my san franciscans. 71 right now out here as you look across the bay bridge. winds shifted slightly. been monitoring northwesterly winds in san francisco. we're near some record setting temperatures with los gatos at 94. 96 in livermore. 93 in concord. 90 in santa rosa. no records have come in at this
6:47 pm
point. still holding on to some warm weather. nice night to enjoy dinner outside in livermore. 77 in san mateo. starting to cool off with that change in the wind in san francisco with 69 right now. for tonight with that westerly wind starting to come back, it may be fog free for pretty much most of the bay area. we may to see coastal clouds in santa cruz. for thursday hot inland with these drying winds and we're looking at some changes coming in my weekend forecast that you don't want to miss. drying wind arrived last night. it helped to us warm up five to 20 trees. basically when you get this northwesterly wind it helps drink us drying air that's coming across the land up in the northwest. it shuts off fog flow we could be have happening. trying winds will stay in place for tomorrow and hot high pressure stays in place across california. 90s inland and friday we'll to
6:48 pm
see that fog developing and a little bit of cooling coming back into the bay area. for tonight, while we may to see a few clouds here develop from about half moon bay to santa cruz not too much and by 6:00 a.m. everyone is pretty much looking at a sunny and year start for us across the bay area. tomorrow another sunny, hot day coming back with near record setting temperatures. doesn't look like wheel set widespread records at this point. let's get you started for our thursday morning. 55 in loss fatos. at in san jose. 58 in fremont. for tomorrow, some of the hottest whether in south bay. 93 in san jose. 92 in los gatos. nice day for the pool and for the kids maybe some summer rec activities. drink plenty of water. in the north bay, 92 in novato.
6:49 pm
get more on cable. here's your weekend changes i've been hinting at. cool off inland with mid-80s. patchy fog coming back to the coast. that's where we should be. looks hotter for next week. yesterday we were looking at things but keep things pretty much in the upper 80s at this point over seven days. >> just right. >> we're doing good. >> thank you. let's get to sports. we bring in henry from our comcast sports newsroom. henry is all smiles. we should have played hookey and headed out to the ballpark tonight? where was the invite, henry? >> it's always open. always an open inactivitiation here. i'm not saying you should fake an illness to get out of work but believe me a lot of people did it today so they could watch
6:50 pm
the final game of the giant dodgers game. two of the best pitchers faced off. kershaw versus lincum. seven strikeouts on the day. meanwhile during the game, jeff kepinger arrived at the park. top of the seven. no score. one mistake all day, a splash hit home run and 1-0 dodgers. there's the newest giant, goes right into action. he was flying out to end the inning. bottom of the ninth, last night, brandon belt last chance for the giants but strikes out to end the game. so the dodgers win 1-0. >> it was billed as a pitching duel and lived up to the hype. the two pitchers combined for 19
6:51 pm
strikeouts with the home run in the seventh inning being the only blemish for the giants ace. >> i knew it was going to be a close game. you go to be on top of yours. i flinched first. >> got two of the better young talents in the game going at it. the game went how i thought. except they got the one run. >> it's just good. made one mistake. had some good wood on it. >> sanibel was not in the lineup due to a tight quad. he did pitch in the ninth inning. house will be ready to go on friday with the off day on thursday. thank you. over to the as and tiger's history in detroit.
6:52 pm
as designated hitter. go ahead and make that number 500. a solo shot. top of the sixth game tied at two and things got better for the as. they lead 7-5 in the eighth inning. we'll have a complete update for you a little bit later tonight. back to the giants game. today was the 14th annual donate a life day and because of organ donation, alfonso garcia young man who is suffering from wilson's disease was able to live out a dream. we have more on his special day. >> good thing. >> no one knows more how life altering organ donation can be than this 17-year-old, alfonso gar say. just before his 16th birthday he was diagnosed with wilson's disease. in need avenue liver he was given 48 hours to live. california transplant donor
6:53 pm
network found a match within 24 hours. >> we received the news that there was a donor in sacramento who, you know, i thank to this day. he said he asked for donations and that's where i received my liver. >> because of that gift, garcia a life long san francisco giants fan was asked to throw out the first pitch in wednesday's game. >> i've been a fan since i was born. i've grown up with two brothers. our dream as kids was hey, we're going to play for the giants one day. just to be out here throwing the first pitch is symbolic and brings me back to those times when we were kid. >> the advice given to someone throwing a first pitch don't bounce it. staggering statisticing regarding organ donation, more than 110,000 americans are currently on an organ transplant to nation list. 20% of those people live right
6:54 pm
here in california. miracles can happen. just ask alfonso garcia. >> thank you. great story. we wish alfonso the best. much more coming up tonight on nbc bay area. hopefully we'll have good news regarding the nfl lockout. for now back to raj and jessica. >> i'll be waiting for my invitation the next time. text me, e-mail me, facebook me. >> i'll do it immediately. >> for a full half hour of bay sports, woatch comcast with heny at 1
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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tonight at 11:00 get ready to smile you're on camera. how much of your day is being recorded? nbc bay area garvin thomas takes us in depth. to see who is watching and when that's tonight at 11:00. >> you just never know. what's coming up at 7:00. >> tearful memories of a life cut short. a small northern california community gathered to remember the hikers swept down by a yosemite water fall. >> we'll to see you at 7:00 and then to see you again at 11:00. >> that will do it for us.
6:58 pm
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